ART+SCIENCE: Indigenous Peoples and Art 24.11. at 16.30-16 at the University of Helsinki

The panel discussion focuses on the history, culture and art of indigenous peoples, and their inclusion – or exclusion – from mainstream society. Are indigenous people afforded the right to cultural determination, identity and agency in contemporary societies? What roles are given to art within a native culture and in its relation to the dominant culture? What might arts education, or research, contribute towards social equality and justice? What kind of research can be done in cooperation with indigenous peoples?

Participants include researchers Alexis Kallio and Hildá Länsman working in the ArtsEqual research project at the University of the Arts Helsinki as well as Assistant Professor Pirjo Kristiina Virtanen from the University of Helsinki. Irja Seurujärvi-Kari will chair the discussion. Hildá Länsman will open the discussion with a joik and a song.

ART+SCIENCE series is organised by Think Corner and the University of the Arts Helsinki in autumn 2016.

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