Dutkansearvvi dieđalaš áigečála

Dutkansarvvi dieđalaš áigečála (Inari Sámi Tutkâmseervi tieđâlâš äigičaalâ and Skolt Sámi Tuʹtǩǩeemsieʹbr tiõđlaž äi´ǧǧpââ´jjlõstton) is the scientific publication of the Sámi Language and Culture Research Association.

The publication informs readers about current issues related to the Sámi language and culture and provides information on Sámi and indigenous studies.

The Research Association provides a channel for publication and discussion by acting as a neutral actor in the negotiations without ethnic requirements, with an emphasis solely on increasing the use of Sámi-language material. The aim is to get both researchers and activists to produce more and more texts in the Sámi language.

The task of the Editorial Board is to approve the material to be published. It also helps with language maintenance, text delivery, etc. The editorial board also orders texts on current topics. The authors are responsible for the information and opinions and finishing of their own texts. The texts must be based on research data or deal with fresh and topical issues that are important for the Sámi language or culture.

Peer review: Completed texts will be peer-reviewed.

ISSN 2489-7930