Ongoing call for papers

The Sámi Language and Culture Research Association Dutkansearvi invites you to write scientific articles on various themes. Articles are compiled by thematic issue and published as they are completed. Possible research areas and themes include the following topics:

  • Indigenous research
  • Linguistics
  • Sociolinguistics and language contacts
  • Teaching (we are currently looking for papers for this issue!)
  • Indigenous ethics
  • Revitalization of Sámi languages
  • Sámi language history

In addition to this, you can also propose a new thematic issue or a theme related to Sámi life, languages, culture, history or other aspects of life and community.

Instructions for the format of the articles can be found on our website. Articles will be submitted for peer review. Please note that for teaching articles in particular, there is a separate ongoing writing invitation on our website which explains in more detail what kind of articles and blogs we are looking for.

In addition to scientific articles, we invite people to write blog posts in Sámi. Blog posts can be more informal than scholarly articles and are not submitted for peer review. Blogs are welcome to use visual material for which the author has the necessary rights. Right now, we are especially looking for blog posts about teaching in Sápmi.

Regards / Editorial Board of the Sámi Language and Culture Research Association