The Research Association

The aim of Dutkansearvi Sámi Language and Culture Research Association is to:

1. Nurture the use of written Sámi languages in science and to promote research on Sámi languages and culture, as well as to strengthen the paradigm of Sámi and indigenous studies by looking at indigenous issues from their perspective. The association aims to make the information produced by scientific research more accessible for minority and indigenous communities, and to increase co-operation between the scientific community and the Sámi-speaking communities.

2. Carry out research that builds reciprocity between research participants and researchers. The association seeks to increase understanding between Sámi culture and other cultures.

3. Increase knowledge and awareness of minority and indigenous languages and cultures.

4. Promote the strengthening and restoration of the Sámi languages in Finland.

5. Create linguistic and cultural environments in Sámi languages that contribute to their preservation in Finland.

6. Increase the use of the Sámi languages and restore it in areas where it has disappeared or decreased.

7. Strengthen bilingualism and multilingualism by creating a Sámi language proficiency that allows one to communicate across borders in an increasingly multilingual society.

Dutkansearvi Research Association’s policies and activities related to language revitalization and culture are not based on ethnicity, but on scientific activities and, in particular, on language and its revitalization in different contexts, at the individual-, group-, and language community-level.