Volume 4 / Issue 1 (2020)

Special Issue:
Indigenous Studies and Conceptualising Coexistence

Ellen Marie Jensen, Mere Kepa & Pirjo Kristiina Virtanen

Ellen Marie Jensen, Mere Kepa & Pirjo Kristiina Virtanen
Foreword to the issue

Ellen Marie Jensen
Conceptualizing oktasašvuohta as a storytelling methodology in Sámi research

Special section:
Indigenous Studies Writing Retreat in Kilpisjärvi

T. Mere. A. Kepa
One of life’s great privileges: Conceptualising Coexistence in Retreat

Linitā Manu‘atu & Taione Mele ‘Ileini
TalanoaMālie he Tauhi fonua ‘a e Faiako ma‘a Tongá: Exploring talanoamālie as a new research method for Tongan teachers of ECE in the Kingdom of Tonga

Siv Rasmussen
Beyond Borders – A thousand years of resilience

Heidi Konttinen, Hae Seong Jang & Wasiq Silan (I-An Gao)
Collective Experiences of the Indigenous Writing Retreat

Hanna-Máret Outakoski
Conceptualizing fireside dialogues as gulahallan

Paola Minoia
Talanoa dialogues: Finding homes and re-enchantments

Pirjo Kristiina Virtanen
Coexistence through Indigenous Studies: Contemplations from Helsset and Gilbbesjávri

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